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Local Transportation

TART (Tahoe Area Regional Transit) provides bus routes throughout the North Tahoe and Trukee area and can easily be used for transport to and from Northstar.  See TART (Tahoe Area Regional Transit) for complete list of routes/times.

Distance to Northstar

Town Miles Kilometer
Truckee 6 Miles 9.5 Kilometers
Kings Beach 6 Miles 9.5 Kilometers
Tahoe Vista 7.5 Miles 12 Kilometers
Incline Village 11 Miles 18 Kilometers
Tahoe City 15 Miles 24 Kilometers
Alpine Meadows 20 Miles 32 Kilometers
Homewood 22 Miles 35 Kilometers
Squaw Valley 18 Miles 29 Kilometers

Taxis and Private Car Service

Blue Bird Tax             530-414-1547

Tahoe Sierra Transportation               530-550-5300

Tahoe Elite Private Car Service          530-582-5828

Post Office Information

In order to receive your mail, you will need to rent a Post Office Box (P.O. Box) at one of the US Post Offices:

Truckee @ Bridge Street.                                                  530-587-7158

Truckee @ Deerfield.                                                           800-275-8777

Kings Beach @ Salmon Avenue.                                      530-546-3571

Tahoe Vista @ North Lake Blvd.                                       530-546-5600

Tahoe City @ Lake Tahoe Blvd.                                        530-583-4900

Alpine Meadows @ Squaw Valley Rd.                          530-583-5126

Incline Village @ Mays.                                                       775-831-8994


  • You must bring photo identification and proof you are living in the United States (a copy of your lease) in order to receive a PO Box.


  • You must have a PO Box in order to set up a bank account.
  • You may choose to have your paychecks deposited directly into your bank account, keep in mind this may take up to two weeks.

Most banks require a $50 minimum initial deposits, no minimum balances, free checking and debit card and online banking (unless stated otherwise). Many banks also offer promotions for signing up with them.

US Bank                                                                  Truckee                                                 530-587-4696

Incline Village                                        775-831-4780

Bank of America                                                  Truckee                                                   530-587-3532

Tahoe City                                             530-581-6828

Incline Village                                       775-688-8961

Wells Fargo                                                            Truckee                                                   530-550-1045

Tahoe City                                             800-869-3557

Incline Village                                       775-885-5500

Citibank ATM                                                        Truckee                                                 800-627-3999

Tri County                                                               Truckee                                                  530-550-3226

Bank of the West                                                 Truckee                                                  530-582-3050

Tahoe City                                             530-581-6960

Kings Beach                                          530-546-8577

Local Ski/Snowboard Shops

Start Haus                                                             Truckee                                                 530.582.5781

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm

Ski, Ski Boot, Binding, Poles, Tools, Wax, Apparel, Protection, Accessories

Link:  Services List

Granite Chief                                                        Truckee                                              530.587.2809

Hours:  Monday-Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm

Link:  Ski and Boot Services

Elite Feet                                                               Northstar                                          530.562.8922

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00am-5:00pm

Offering:  Custom Boot Fitting, Custom Ski Fitting, Helmets, Accessories

Village Ski Loft                                                Incline Village                                     775-831-3537

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 8:00am-6:00pm

Services Link:  Ski, SB, XC Services Price List

Butterbox                                               Northstar                                               530-562-4510

Hours:  Monday-Sunday, 8:00am-6:00pm

Snowboard equipment, apparel, streetwear

Helpful Truckee/No. Tahoe Phone Numbers                                                                                   (Area Code: 530)

Emergency Information

All Emergencies: Police, Fire, Medical                                                                                                          911

Placer County Sheriff                                                                                                                               587-3558

Washoe County Sheriff                                                                                                                            775-328-3001

Sierra Avalanche Information                                                                                                               (303) 275-5360

Medical Facilities

Tahoe Forest Hospital                                   Truckee                                                           587-6011

Incline Village Urgent Care                       Incline Village                                        775-833-2929

Gateway Urgent Care                                      Truckee                                                          582-2070

Truckee Tahoe Medical Group                     Tahoe City                                                     581-8864

Basic Utilities

Suddenlink Communications                                                                                                        530.550.3900

AT&T                                                                                                                                                      877.629.7541

Comcast (Cable and Internet)                                                                                                     866.206.4705

Media Communications                                                                                                                 855.202.0840


Truckee Donner Public Utility District                                                                                      530.587.3896

North Tahoe Public Utility District                                                                                              530.546.4212

Public Transportation

Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART)                                                                                                   550-1212

Reno International Airport Authority                                                                                       775-328-6400

Truckee Regional Airport                                                                                                              800-359-2875

Town of Truckee Transit                                                                                                                        582-2489


Safeway                                                                   Kings Beach                                          530-546-0170

Truckee                                                  530-582-7652

Tahoe City                                              530-583-2772

CVS/Pharmacy                                                     Truckee                                                  530-587-5770

Tahoe City                                             530-584-0244

Rite Aid Pharmacy                                               Truckee                                                  530-587-5296

Kings Beach                                          530-546-2523

Save Mart                                                                Tahoe City                                              530-583-5231

Village Pharmacy                                                Incline Village                                          775-831-1133

Grocery Stores

Safeway                                                                      Truckee                                                  530.582.7950

Kings Beach                                                 530.546.0170

Tahoe City                                              530.583.2772

Raley’s                                                                     Incline Village                                        775.831.3400

Village Market                                                        Incline Village                                        775.831.5025

Save Mart                                                                 Truckee                                                   530.587.5522

Tahoe City                                              530.587.5231

Consignment/Thrift Stores

Consignment Home Furnishings                     Truckee                                                  530-550-9661

Pass It On Thrift                                                     Tahoe City                                               530.581.3117

Karma Upscale Resale Boutique                      Incline Village                                         775.831.1727

Tahoe Forest Hospital                                           Truckee                                                  530.582.4947

Hospice Thrift                                                         Kings Beach                                          530.546.5494

Tahoe Family Solution Thrift Store                 Incline Village                                        775.833.4414

Thrill of the Find                                                     Truckee                                                   530.587.3145

Hardware Stores

Mountain Hardware & Sports                            Truckee                                                  530.578.4844

North Shore Ace Hardware                                 Kings Beach                                          530.546.3505

Tahoe City Ace Hardware & Lumber                 Tahoe City                                             530.583.4248

Village Ace Hardware                                          Incline Village                                        775.831.2020

Laundry Mats/Dry Cleaners

Truckee Launderland                                                     Truckee                                                   530.414.1324

Bobby Page’s Cleaners                                                 Truckee                                                   530.582.4921

Crossroads Cleaners                                                      Truckee                                                  530.587.4359

Carnelian Bay Launderland                                           Carnelian Bay                                        530.581.4497

This is not an exhaustive list of shops & services.

We are providing this as information only and cannot guarantee any services or supplies by these providers.