Who counts as a return student?

For return students on consecutive days:

  • Student returns to instructor for an additional lesson and the instructor teaches that student.
  • Student returns to instructor for an additional lesson, but, in the best interest of student, instructor moves student to a more appropriate level.
  • Student returns to same instructor for an additional lesson, but lesson is in a different discipline or time frame (e.g. first day PM beginner class, second day all day class; first day adult alpine class, second day a snowboard class).
  • Instructor is scheduled, meets and greets their students, and is willing to work but the class is combined out; instructor will be given pay and earn return students credits for that day.
  • Student returns, but instructor cannot teach student because instructor is scheduled on a season-long program (i.e. All-Mountain). Instructor will earn return student credits for those students as long as they are documented on the consecutive day’s class list of another instructor.
  • Instructor takes a student from a private lesson to a group lesson product the following day. The student will count as a class return.

For return students on non-consecutive days, the following criteria must be met:

  • The instructor taught the student in a previous class in the current season.
  • If the student has had multiple instructors, the instructor taking credit for the return was the latest instructor to teach that student.

Return students for adult and snowboard group lessons are tracked through the Epic Mix Academy system.  If an instructor does not complete EMA cards for their class they may not be eligible for the return student credit.

When a returning student is not counted as a return:

  • The instructor is scheduled off or requests not to work before the class organization process has taken place.
    • The guest specifically asks to go with a different instructor.
    • The returning student is not from the current year.
    • The instructor is not the latest instructor to teach the student.